How to Choose Best Aluminum Foil Seam Tape for Vapor Barrier?

Posted on 12/03/2022

Sealing the seams of the barrier with a high-performing tape helps to ensure a continuous air barrier that reduces moisture intrusion and accumulation into the wall system. CI and a properly sealed vapor barrier provide crucial components of an energy-efficient, durable, and healthy building.

With so many aluminum foil seam tape on the market, choosing the best one can overwhelm builders. However, selecting the right aluminum foil tape makes a significant difference in energy efficiency, durability, and indoor air quality (IAQ). Can we choose both rubber and acrylic adhesive?

When comparing aluminum foil seam tape, contractors should consider the following factors:

1. Tape adhesion

In hot, cold, and wet environments, the tape should maintain adhesion over time.

2. Ease of application

Tapes with marked edges make it easier to tear and quicker to apply, saving workers time and frustration. In addition, a flexible tape hastens applications because it allows contractors to seal quickly around any penetrations or tight corners.

3. Durability

Builders should select tape with excellent air- and moisture-resistance.

4. UV Resistance

Good construction tape provides UV resistance.


Look for a durable aluminum foil seam  tape with enough tensile strength to maintain its form and stay flat against the vapor barrier over the lifetime of the building project.

6. Avoid the adhesive that contain toxins

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