Aluminum Foil Facing

De You Tape manufacturer the Foil-Scrim-Kraft Facing with Aluminum Foil, Tri-directional Fiberglass (3-way scrim) and Kraft paper (50gsm/ 60gsm/ 100gsm). All 3 layers laminated together using a flame-retardant adhesive. Foil Scrim Kraft or FSK insulation is a flame retardant, vapor-barrier, and facings for the insulation industry. It is most utilized with duct wrap, duct board and exposed surfaces of HVAC ductworks, exterior walls and ceilings.

  • Introduction

FSK is laminated 5 layers of structure, the outer layer is Aluminum foil and Kraft paper

The middle layer is the Glass fiber layer double side coated with Flame-retardant adhesive, it increased tensile strength of FSK, and the Aluminum foil and Kraft paper are firmly bonded.

FSK as a laminated insulation facing protects insulation materials as like as a jacket. FSK is most commonly used to exposed surfaces of Duct wrap, HVAC Ductwork, Exterior wall insulation, Metal building insulation, Pipeline insulation, Hot water tank insulation.



Layer Composition


Value (English)

Value (Metric)



0.28 mails

7 micron



2 / inch

8 / 100mm



3 / inch

12 / 100mm






F/R Treated

36.6 lbs / 3000 ft2

50gsm, 60gsm, 100gsm

Roll width

1.0m, 1.2m, 1.25m, 1.3m, 1.35m

Total length


Paper core Dia



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