Rubber Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape

AFR Series rubber adhesive aluminum foil tape are single-faced adhesive tape of Aluminum Foil backing which is coated by Rubber-Resin adhesive (PSA). It is synthetic rubber adhesive systems.

Rubber-resin Adhesive will be offer good tack and adhesion to a variety of surfaces, but will not perform well in colder temperatures.

  • Rubber Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape Introduction


AFR Series HVAC Aluminum Foil Tape With Rubber suitable for sealing joints and seams of indoor insulation materials.Rubber Adhesive HVAC tape is most commonly used to exposed surfaces of Duct tape wrap, HVAC Ductwork, Pipeline insulation.



Vapor barrier and flame retardant.

Excellent initial tack & adhesion power to Irregular Surface.

Service Temperature: -20 to +80 C, -4 to +176 F.

Applying Temperature: -10 to +40 C, +50 to +105 F.


Roll Size

Finish Roll:  

50mm x 50m     2” x 55yds

75mm x 50m     3” x 55yds

Log Roll:   1020mm x 50m                

Jumbo Roll: 1020mm x 3000m

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