Sealed HVAC Ducts: aluminum foil tape


The water pipe in your home may leak for various reasons, and it will leak at any time, which is difficult to predict. This is why regular maintenance of HVAC systems is important. Still, if you suddenly have a higher than average energy bill, your air conditioner or stove seems to work harder to cool or heat your home, or some rooms have significantly different temperatures or are sultry than others, you may have leaks in your pipes. These leaks at home can be expensive, make your appliances wear faster, make your home less comfortable, and waste energy over time. In fact, leaking pipes can be one of the biggest energy waste in your home, hindering your efforts to reduce your energy bill.

Fortunately, the pipes through your home can be sealed with aluminum foil tape.

Aluminum foil tape can be used for sealing well. High quality hvac aluminum foil tape must always be purchased from the manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum foil tape. It is not recommended to buy low quality aluminum foil tape from the home decoration shop, because there is a high risk of failure after a few years.

Professional quality aluminum foil tape can stand the test of time. Aluminum foil tape is much cleaner than adhesive, but high quality aluminum foil tape is a little expensive to buy. It is also recommended that you clean the area before sealing with any type of aluminum foil tape. For long section hard circular pipe system, aluminum foil tape can be used for fixing.


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