Using Tips of HVAC Aluminum Foil Tape


Proper use of the HVAC aluminum foil tape is essential to ensure that all necessary components of the HVAC system are completely sealed and stitched together. The following three steps can ensure the most effective way to apply HVAC aluminum foil tape to achieve complete system shutdown:

1, Cut or tear the length of the HVAC aluminum foil tape. If the HVAC aluminum foil tape is short enough to handle, if the material is long enough to seal, apply HVAC aluminum foil tapedirectly from the rollof HVAC aluminum foil tape;

2, If yourHVAC aluminum foiltape has a liner, please remove the liner from the end you plan to use first;

3, Stick the HVAC aluminum foil tape to the center of the sealing seam with a rubber scraper to keep HVAC aluminum foil tape in a non inked state on a smooth surface and consistent with the uneven or textured surface.

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