What is Aluminium foil tape used for?


Aluminum foil tapes are used on seams and joints of fiberglass and aluminum backed duct board. Coated with a rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive, they provide an excellent barrier to vapor and conform to irregular surfaces. Aluminum foil tape maybe used for shielding and covering thermal insulation.



Application of HVAC aluminum foil tape

De You Tape Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of pressure sensitive adhesive tape in China. Through the introduction of a series o...

How do you use Aluminum foil duct tape in HVAC?

Aluminum foil duct tape relies on what’s known as a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) for its inherent stickiness. Aluminum foil tape is truly inte...

Marine Aluminum Foil Tape

Marine aluminum foil tape is Self-wound pure aluminum adhesive tape with a excellent adhesion, highly shear resistant, without released paper liner...