What is FSK insulation facing?

Posted on 2月 23rd, 2021

FSK Insulation Facing 

FSK: Foil-scrim-kraft

Insulation facing is an outer surface of insulation materials. It is additional layer made of reinforced Aluminum foil or PP film. Facing acts as an additional barrier that helps protect construction from moisture and damage from the elements. The Insulation facing is both a vapor barrier and a flame retardant.

FSK insulation facing as a laminated insulation facing protects insulation materials as like as a jacket. FSK is most commonly used to exposed surfaces of Duct wrap, HVAC Ductwork, Exterior wall insulation, Metal building insulation, Pipeline insulation, Hot water tank insulation.

FSK is laminated 5 layers of structure, the outer layer is Aluminum foil and Kraft paper. 

The middle layer is the Glass fiber layer double side coated with Flame-retardant adhesive, it increased tensile strength of FSK, and the Aluminum foil and Kraft paper are firmly bonded.

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