High Quality Aluminum Foil Tape Supplier in China

De You Tape Co., Ltd has already passed the Quality Management System Certificate Of Conformity . So we can promise we have the best quality ,and provide the highest quality aluminum foil tapes you need .

  • Production and Service of Aluminum Foil Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Tape,Quality Management System Certificate

    Quality Management System Certificate Of Conformity

  • The word registered trademark of Aluminum Foil Tape Supplier - DeYou

    Trademark Registration Certificate

De You Tape can provide aluminum foil tape in the HVAC pipeline overall solution , and customize the thickness, width and length according to customer requirements.

Fire protection quality

De You as quality aluminum foil tape supplier for HVAC, our has passed the Foil glass cloth tape UL723 Test report ; FSK tape UL723 Test report and Aluminum foil tape UL723 Test report ; which means our products meets the Fire protection quality .