Larger Manufacturer Focused On Aluminum Foil Tape

Deyou Tape was established in 2010. We are one of largest  of aluminum foil tape manufacturer in China. The production facilities include 4 production lines for coated adhesive products and 8 cutting reel machines.

  1. Manufacture

    Over 21 Years Experience In HVAC Tape

  2. High Quality Control

    Certificated By ISO 9001, CE, UL723, Rohs, UL181A Etc

  3. 12000 M2

    Covers Area

Why Us

  1. Marketing

    Deyou Tapes has established business relationships with approximately 50 customers from 12 countries around the world. In the UAE, Europe, South East Asia and many other countries, our products are widely appreciated for their high quality, timely delivery and favourable prices.

  2. Tapes Range

    The product range of Deyou Tapes covers all types of aluminum foil related products: synthetic rubber resin adhesives, also known as hot melt adhesives. Water-based acrylic adhesives, solvent-based acrylic adhesives. Reinforced aluminum foil tapes: FSK adhesive tapes, glass aluminum foil adhesive tapes, mesh aluminum foil adhesive tapes, PET laminated aluminum foil adhesive tapes.

  3. High Quality

    Deyou Tape Co., Ltd. has been certified by Quality Management System. Therefore, we can promise that we have the best quality and provide you with the high quality aluminum foil tapes you need.

  4. Professional

    As a professional aluminum foil tape manufacturer in China, Deyou Tapes continues to bring consistent quality to the HVAC insulation market and help customers choose the right tape for their piping projects.

  5. Versatility

    Our products have passed the Aluminum Foil Glass Tape UL723 test report, the FSK Tape UL723 test report and the Aluminum Foil Tape UL723 test report, which means that our products meet the fire-resistant quality standard. In addition, DeYou products have also passed the tests of waterproof, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

  6. Exclusive Services

    Deyou Tapes can provide aluminum foil tapes for HVAC ducting total solutions with customized thickness, width and length.

News & Blog

Advantages of aluminum foil tape

Advantages of aluminum foil tape

Aluminum foil tape is a type of adhesive tape that uses a thin layer of aluminum foil as its backing material. The tapes is commonly used in construction and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to seal joints and seams, as well as to insulate pipes and ductwork. Advantages of Aluminum foil tape: 1. Thermal Insulation Aluminum foil tape is an excellent thermal insulator. It reflect……

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