What is the Best Foil Tape for HVAC?

Posted on 9月 20th, 2022

Choose the Best Foil Tape for HVAC - UL723 foil tape

De You UL-723 Foil tape is so versatile .It is widely used in all kinds of industries, from manufacturing to construction.Thanks to its moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, flame resistance, heat and light reflectance, and weather ability… It makes for a foil tape that has a wide range of applications.

when it comes to building and construction, Aluminum foil tape is the most widely used foil tape. All told, here at De You foil tape, we engineered our foil tapes to have all the qualities of aluminum with the added benefit of an aggressive and long-lasting adhesive.


Applications of Best HVAC Foil Tape


Good Performance of HVAC Foil Tape

Extreme cold and heat resistance. Our tape with any metal presents a high level of temperature versatility. Our extensive selection of foil tapes can withstand temperatures from -22°F to 248°F .It can be applied to products in temperatures from 14°F to 104°F. Unlike traditional adhesive tapes that will harden and perform poorly in cold temperatures, foil tapes retain adhesion even in freezing temperatures.

Extended service life. Our Aluminum foil tapes are manufactured using state-of-the-art acrylic adhesive technology. It offers exceptional cohesion, adhesion, and thermal stability.

Moisture resistance. The moisture resistance of foil tapes makes them well suited to use in the marine industry, also they can be applied to patching without becoming waterlogged or losing adhesion. The moisture resistance of foil tapes is so superior that Scientific American once suggested it could be used to manufacture a boat that could carry cargo.

Resistant to harsh chemicals. De You UL-723 duct tape is especially resistant to harsh chemicals, which makes it ideal in extreme conditions where saltwater, oil, fuel, and corrosive chemicals are found.

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