Aluminum Foil Tape Description


Duct foil tape is a single-faced adhesive tape of aluminum foil backing which is coated by solvent acrylic adhesive (PSA). The aluminum foil construction provides excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. This aluminum foil tape is an essential component in HVAC installations and repairs, as it helps maintain the integrity and efficiency of the ductwork system.

Duct foil tape will be good aging stability, high resistance to UV, ozone and humidity, best useful in long-term outdoor applications. These duct aluminum foil tapes are often resistant to moisture and chemicals. They offer good tack and adhesion to width range of temperature (from -30 degrees to 150 degrees ).


Tape Applications:

Sealing ductwork: Seal joints and seams in ductwork to prevent air leaks, which can improve the efficiency of the HVAC system and reduce energy costs.

Insulation: Provide insulation by sealing and covering gaps in ductwork, helping to maintain the temperature of the air flowing through the system.

Repairing HVAC systems: Repair damaged sections of ductwork, providing a temporary or sometimes permanent fix.

Moisture and vapor barrier: The tape can act as a moisture and vapor barrier for ductwork, helping to prevent condensation and moisture buildup.

Tape Features:

  • Made of thin aluminum foil coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Easily adapts to irregular surfaces and tight corners.
  • Resistant to tearing, puncture, and moisture.
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 200°F (93°C).
  • Meets UL 181B-FX standards for flame resistance.
  • Service Temperature range from -30℃ to +150℃.

Aluminum Foil Tape Technical Data

Tape Properties:





Backing Thickness



PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Total Thickness



PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Adhesion to Steel



PSTC-101 / ASTM D 3330

Tensile Strength

75 N/25mm


PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759




PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759

Service Temperature

-30℃ to +150℃

-22℉ to +302℉


Applying Temperature

-10℃ to +40℃

+50℉ to +105℉


Tape Roll Size:

Finish Roll:  

50mm x 50m 2” x 55yds
75mm x 50m 3” x 55yds
Log Roll: 1020mm x 50m
Jumbo Roll: 1020mm x 3000m

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