TPU is a type of flexible and durable plastic commonly used in various applications, including footwear, electronics, automotive parts, and outdoor gear. When a TPU material gets damaged, such as developing a tear or puncture, a TPU Repair Patch can be applied to restore its integrity. The patch is typically made of TPU material as well, ensuring compatibility and a strong bond. It is designed to be adhesive on one side, allowing it to be securely attached to the damaged area.

TPU repair patches come with a strong adhesive backing that bonds well to TPU surfaces.
Repair patches are flexible and conform to the shape of the item being repaired, ensuring a seamless and durable fix.
TPU repair patches create a waterproof and airtight seal when applied correctly, making them ideal for repairing inflatable products that require airtight integrity, such as air mattresses or inflatable toys.
They are easy to use and require minimal tools or expertise for application.

TPU Patch Applications:

To repair inflatable boats, suitable for all types of high-value inflatable products, such as air mattresses, inflatable boats, trampolines, inflatable sofas, swimming rings, beach balls, etc.

Can also be used to repair or bond a variety of materials, including PVC, nylon, canvas, artificial leather, rubber, all kinds of plastic, metal, glass and so on.

TPU Patch Specifitions:

Color: translucent

Material: TPU

Size: Jumbo rolls or Pieces 7 x 7cm/2.76 x 2.76″

Repair Step:

  • 1. Clean the surface near the slits or holes and keep them dry.
  • 2. Peel off the paper and directly attach the patch to the hole, cover it fully, and press it to make it stick firmly.
  • 3. The repair is finished after 20-30 minutes, and it will solidify completely after 24 hours.

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