Aluminum Foil Tape Description


Air conditioning duct tape is high-quality, high tensile strength aluminum foil coated in epoxy resin with strong, cold-weather solvent acrylic adhesive set on a easy-release silicone paper liner to preserve the adhesive and provide ease of use. Air conditioning duct tape uses a large amount of acrylic to resist drying out and becoming brittle, the aluminum foil backing also withstands temperature changes without shrinking and failing the way cloth-backed duct tape does.

AC duct tape combines flexible foil for irregularly-shaped applications and excellent low temperature performance. The aluminum foil tape conforms to fibrous ductboard and sheet metal ducts and works well in general-purpose heat shielding and light reflecting applications. The tape is used to seal joints and seams in ductwork to prevent air leakage and improve energy efficiency.

Tape Applications:

  • Sealing Ductwork: One of the primary uses of this tape is to seal joints and seams in ductwork. It helps prevent air leaks, improving the efficiency of the HVAC system by reducing energy loss.

  •  Repairing Tears and Holes: The tape can be used to repair tears, punctures, or holes in ducts, ensuring that the system maintains proper airflow and insulation.

  • Insulation: Air conditioning aluminum foil duct tape can be used to secure insulation material around ducts, pipes, or other components, providing a secure and effective barrier against heat loss or gain.

  • Moisture Barrier: The moisture-resistant nature of the tape makes it suitable for creating a barrier against moisture infiltration in ductwork, preventing issues such as mold growth or corrosion.

Tape Features:

  • Multi-purpose foil tape for HVAC industrial applications.
  • Nominal 40um aluminum foil is excellent for use on fibrous and sheet metal ducts.
  • Air conditioning tape comes with a strong adhesive that adheres well to various surfaces.
  • Low moisture vapor transmission rate makes AFR4080 an excellent vapor barrier.
  • Flexible foil conforms well to curved or irregular surfaces.
  • The aluminum foil material used in the tape provides excellent reflectivity.
  • Hand tearable and easy to install on site without special tools or application methods.

Aluminum Foil Tape Technical Data

Tape Properties:





Backing Thickness

40 Micron


PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Total Thickness


3.2 Mil

PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Adhesion to Steel



PSTC-101 / ASTM D 3330

Tensile Strength

55 N/25mm


PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759




PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759

Service Temperature

-20℃ to +80℃

-4℉ to +176℉


Applying Temperature

-10℃ to +40℃

+50℉ to +105℉


Tape Roll Size:

Finish Roll:  

50mm x 50m 2” x 55yds
75mm x 50m 3” x 55yds
Log Roll: 1020mm x 50m
Jumbo Roll: 1020mm x 3000m

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