Aluminum Foil Tape Description


HVAC Aluminum Duct Tape is a specialized adhesive tape used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for various sealing and repairing applications. These aluminum foil tapes provides a durable bond at low and high temperatures. Conformable backing and pressure sensitive adhesive means it will adhere properly to a variety of smooth and irregular surfaces without losing its adhesive properties.

HVAC Aluminum Duct Tape is compatible with a wide range of HVAC materials, including metal ducts, fiberglass insulation, rigid foam boards, and flexible ductwork. It adheres well to these surfaces, providing a reliable and long-lasting seal.

Tape Applications:

  • Sealing: Primary uses of HVAC aluminum duct tape is to seal joints, seams, and connections in HVAC ductwork.
  • Insulation: The Aluminum tape can also be used for insulation purposes in HVAC systems.
  • Repair: The tape may to seal minor damages and prevent air leakage until a more permanent repair can be made.

Tape Features:

  • Moisture Resistance: The aluminum foil backing of the tape provides a moisture barrier, making it resistant to water, humidity, and condensation.
  • Adhesive Strength: Aluminum foil tape is equipped with a strong adhesive that ensures a secure and long-lasting bond when applied to various surfaces.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of tape allows it to conform to irregular shapes, bends, and contours of ductwork, making it versatile for various sealing and repair applications.
  • Tear Resistance: The tape is durable and tear-resistant, making it suitable for withstanding mechanical stress, handling, and pressure during installation.
  • UV Resistance: These tapes are designed to be UV-resistant, providing protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays when exposed to sunlight.

Aluminum Foil Tape Technical Data

Tape Properties:





Backing Thickness

22 Micron


PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Total Thickness

55 Micron

2.2 Mil

PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Adhesion to Steel



PSTC-101 / ASTM D 3330

Tensile Strength

40 N/25mm


PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759




PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759

Service Temperature

-20℃ to +80℃

-4℉ to +176℉


Applying Temperature

-10℃ to +40℃

+50℉ to +105℉


Tape Roll Size:

Finish Roll:  

50mm x 50m 2” x 55yds
75mm x 50m 3” x 55yds
Log Roll: 1020mm x 50m
Jumbo Roll: 1020mm x 3000m

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