How to use foil tape for HVAC ductwork?

Posted on 03/15/2023

Whether you are working with aluminum foil tape roll, applying to seal, repair, insulate and protect the joints of fiberglass or aluminum backed duct board. Realize the proper way to use foil tape can make long-lasting performance. Following learn how foil tape for HVAC ductwork are designed to be applied for the best results.

Step 1: 

Cut or tear the length of aluminum foil tape that you need. If sealing a longer length of material, apply straight from the tape roll, only unrolling a few inches at a time to make handling easier.

Step 2

Remove the foil tape liner starting from the end you are using. This can be done by folding down a corner of the foil tape and peeling back the liner as you apply the tape.

Step 3

Centered over the seaming you are sealing, allowing it to stay unwrinkled over smooth surfaces and conform to uneven or textured surfaces, such as flex duct or reflective insulation. Continue to pull off the liner as you apply the tape.

Step 4:  

Use a squeegee to firmly wipe down the tape. Thoroughly wiping down the tape allows for maximum surface contact for secure adhesion and a permanent bond. Don’t skip this important step!

Applying aluminum foil tape for HVAC ductworks properly is important to ensuring all necessary components of the HVAC system are completely sealed and seamed together.

Aluminum Foil Tape for HVAC Ductwork

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