De You Professional Industrial self-wound foil tape

Posted on 10/27/2022

De You professional Industrial self-wound foil tape is famous for its protective qualities and attractive appearance in HVAC,construction industries, refrigeration duct bonding, air-conditioner, marine and Range Hood and so on. It was widely used in World War II to protect packages, electrical capacitors, and insulation. After the war, it became available for commercial use.

De You Aluminum foil tape use a specially-engineered metal-foil backing which contributes to the tape’s malleable, conductive, and rugged characteristics.Industrial self-wound foil tape carriers include aluminum, aluminum with glass, lead, copper, copper with tin plating, and steel.

That said, when it comes to building and construction, aluminum foil tape is the most widely used foil tape. Another, here at DeYou Industrial self-wound foil tape, In order to increase the thermal efficiency in refrigerators, the appliance industries extensively used Self wound aluminum foil tape to wrapping tubes inside refrigerators.Self wound aluminum foil tape no liner don't need to tear off the release paper liner during use, reduce operation time. So most of Refrigerator factory use Self wound aluminum foil tape.

HIGH QUALITY WITH COMPETITIVE PRICE-Thickness 50um normal Aluminum foil backing, coated with synthetic rubber-resin adhesive, protected by an easy-release silicone paper liner. - Made in a Beautiful Silver Metal Finish.

INCREDIBLY RESISTANT - Easily Resists Moisture, UV Rays, Flames, Chemicals, and Performs well in any type of Weather!

PERFECT FOR SEALING AIR DUCTS - Designed to easily seal HVAC Air Ducts as well as another other Hot or Cold Intakes.

STICKS TO ANY SURFACE - Designed for HVAC but easily sticks to any type of finish, just ensure surface is clean of debris.

Industrial self-wound foil tape


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