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Use Self-Wound Aluminum Foil Tape On Water-Heated Hypocaust

Posted on 05/09/2024

What’s the use of water-heated hypocaust?

Water-heated hypocaust is a set of air heating and water heating equipment, mainly composed of pipes, heat sinks, valves, sewage valves and so on. It meets various needs such as heating and hot water by heating water and circulating it to various rooms. The use of water-heated hypocaust is more environmentally friendly than traditional heating methods such as burning coal and burning wood, and can greatly facilitate our lives.

Why use self-wound aluminum foil tape on water-heated hypocaust?

Using self-wound aluminum foil tapes to paste the pipe parts of the water-heated hypocaust can play the role of heat preservation, heat insulation and moisture-proof. In the cold winter, the surface of the components of the equipment will freeze.

The use of self-wound aluminum foil tapes can slow down the speed of temperature drop, so as to maintain the normal operation of the equipment components. At the same time, it also prevents moisture from corroding the equipment and reduces heat loss through reflection.

How to correctly apply self-wound aluminum foil tape?

When using self-wound aluminum foil tapes for heat preservation of water-heated hypocaust, special attention should be paid to the following points:

  1. Choose high-quality aluminum foil tape, and the appropriate width and length, to ensure that the amount is sufficient, do not appear missing paste phenomenon.
  2. When using self-wound aluminum tape for pasting, a dry, dust-free and flat pipe surface should be selected, and the aluminum foil tape should be tightly attached to the pipe surface.
  3. When using self-wound aluminum tape, please be careful not to pinch the connection part of the pipeline to avoid pipeline damage and water leakage.
  4. In the process of using self-wound aluminum foil tapes, it is also necessary to maintain good cleanliness, regular observation and inspection, and timely replacement of unqualified self-wound aluminum foil tapes.


Water-heated hypocaust is one of the essential facilities in our family life, in daily use, we need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, the use of self-wound aluminum foil tape can help us better protect the equipment, extend the service life, bring a better use experience.

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