The Applications of HVAC Aluminum Foil Tapes in Refrigeration Systems


Usually in the refrigeration market, HVAC aluminum foil tapes are used to attach tubes, channels or coils expanding the area of thermal exchange.

In order to increase the thermal efficiency in refrigerators, the appliance industries extensively used HVAC aluminum foil tapes to wrapping tubes inside refrigerators.



The main cooling systems are six basic components: refrigerant gas, compressor, condensers, evaporators (inside the freezer), capillary tube and polyurethane foam.


HVAC Aluminum Foil Tapes in Refrigeration Systems HVAC & Refrigeration Aluminum Foil Tape


Two types of condensers are External condenser and Skin condenser. The HVAC Aluminum Foil tape’s purpose is to optimizing the thermal transfer while covering 100% of the tube avoiding PU to enter between the tube and refrigerator wall.




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